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Secure your property

What is website security?

The term “web security” covers a lot of ground, everything from virus protection to data encryption and more.

Secure your customers private data

If your website asks customers for sensitive information – usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. – your reputation depends on protecting every detail. SSL Certificates use advanced encryption to prevent hackers from reading any data that passes to or from your site.

Sites need to look secure

If you want your visitors to know their data is safe, you’ve got to look secure. The “s” in https and the green lock in the browser address bar are two indicators that a website is protected by a trusted SSL certificate.

Keep viruses and malware off your site

Just like PCs, websites are vulnerable to viruses and malware. Fortunately, you can defend your site. Our Website Security plans protect your site with daily scans and continuous monitoring. If we find malware, we’ll work as long as it takes to fix your site so it’s 100% clean and safe